Posted on 04 September, 2017

4 Reasons to plan for a next-generation firewall with Computech

4 Reasons to plan for a next-generation firewall with Computech

Today’s cyber threat landscape of new threats and sophisticated attacks constantly being directed at your network renders traditional port-based firewalls ineffective.

Increasing sophistication of IT infrastructure and the rising concern of data security means that businesses now need solutions that can put them back in control by enabling full visibility over their networks and ones that reduce complexities and inefficiencies.

As one of the leading IT solution providers in the region, Computech has prioritized IT security and has been proactively engaging with customers to fully understand how we can solve their most pressing security needs while saving costs. With over 30 years of experience and strong strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Cisco, Fortinet, Kaspersky and Check Point to name but a few, Computech has continued to help businesses find the most suitable security solutions.

What is a next-generation firewall?

It is an entirely modern and effective approach to network security that adds more security layers to the traditional firewall for advanced capabilities like intrusion prevention, application and user visibility, SSL inspection, and unknown threat detection.

Here are four very important reasons for why you should plan for a next-generation firewall with Computech Limited.

Network Visibility

One of the main challenges of using port-based firewalls for internal network security is providing visibility of data streams flowing through every part of a network. This is because there is no central location where data can be gathered, analyzed and interpreted to enforce a security protocol.

With next-generation firewalls like Cisco’s Firepower series, you can now get the end-to-end visibility that collects data from the entire network, then translate and interpret the collected information in a way that maximizes threat detection.

Application Control and User Management

Traditional firewalls allow you to block ports or services to control application access on your network. The downside to this is that by blocking entire ports, you end up blocking access to the networks for users who might depend on it to complete their tasks. Next-generation firewalls overcome this challenge by allowing you to set up access policies depending on specific users or applications

Advanced Threat Prevention

Due to their ability to scan network traffic from specific users and applications running on the network, next-generation firewalls greatly minimize the avenues of attacks by broadly scanning all traffic sent through applications and limiting traffic only to approved applications. This is made possible through sandboxing, an important new technology built into the next-generation firewalls that allow for executing suspicious files in a secure and controlled environment to identify malicious activities. This highly targeted threat intelligence delivers high-performance threat prevention for your business

Simplified Infrastructure

Traditional firewalls cannot handle modern threats because most of these threats are new and sophisticated. When a new threat surfaces, most businesses are forced to add another appliance in an attempt to address it. Unfortunately, adding more appliances not only increases complexity but also increases costs. With next-generation firewalls, however, you can take the complexity out of your network as they come with advanced anti-virus, spam filtering, deep packet inspection, and a variety of other advanced inbuilt features to keep your network safe.

With a new generation of devices seeking to connect to your network with each passing day, planning for a next-generation firewall is now a necessity. Computech Limited provides the world’s best next-generation cyber security solutions and has a pool of talented and certified security engineers to safeguard your business technologies against cyber threats.

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