Posted on 19 July, 2017

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 Now

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 Now

The potential threat posed by cyberattacks is now more vivid than before, given the devastating effects two major recent ransomware attacks, WannaCry and Petya, had on organizations across the world. According to security researchers, roughly 98% of the computers affected by the ransomware were running on versions of Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Keeping your computers up-to-date gives you the benefits of the latest features and proactive mitigations built into the latest versions of Windows. Here are 5 reasons relating to cyber security on why you should upgrade to Windows 10:

1. Device Protection

Modern threats require a modern approach, one that maintains the integrity and security of the operating system and data. Windows 10 comes with several built-in features to ensure your device is safe and secure, including:

The Trusted Platform Module uses a crypto processor (TPM) to encrypt and keep security keys from attackers while Windows Trusted Bot insures Windows boots and Anti-Virus  software launches before any applications including malware.

The Windows 10 Virtualization-Based Security feature containerizes key OS functions to prevent attacks such that malicious softwares can’t find it, and means they can’t attack it

2. Threat Resistance

Windows 10 is designed to disrupt the malware and hacking industry by moving the playing field to one where they lose the attack vectors that they depend on. Windows 10 SmartScreen prevents users from visiting blacklisted websites or executing blacklisted apps while the Windows Firewall provides Device-level PC firewall to prevent unauthorized network access to device.

3. Identity Protection

Windows 10 provides next generation technology to help protect your user’s identities from abuse. Windows Hello, for instance, uses multiple factors to provide enterprise grade security using biometrics, a PIN, or even a companion device. Windows 10 Credential Guard on the other hand, protects against false authentication requests by isolating user credentials inside a hardware based container ensuring user identity is not compromised

4. Information Protection

Windows 10 Device Encryption protects your information by locking your data on hard drives while BitLocker Admin and Monitor ensures corporate devices are BitLocker encrypted for compliance and stores recovery keys.

5. Breach Detection

Built into Windows 10 Operating System is the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, global cloud-based threat intelligence service that detects, investigates, and respond to highly targeted advanced attacks on your networks. This ensures you are not only in the know when you are under attack but also enables you to see who is attacking you.

Keep your devices and systems safe from future malware attacks. Computech Limited, recently recognized as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year 2017 for Cloud Productivity], is here to help you with a seamless upgrade to the latest, secure and verified Windows 10 Operating System.

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