Posted on 27 May, 2020

Safeguard the Lives of your Staff and Clients with the Automated, Non-Touch Fever Kit Solution

Safeguard the Lives of your Staff and Clients with the Automated, Non-Touch Fever Kit Solution from Computech Limited.

Currently, there is an unprecedented increase in Temperature Scans happening around the world due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease). The World Health Organization recommends a 1-meter social distancing measure to curb the spread of this deadly virus during the Temperature Scanning process.

Human beings are prone to error during the scanning process as it might be quite tiresome. Therefore, the social distancing rule might be broken due to fatigue arising from the tasking procedure, further endangering the lives of your staff and clients.

Computech Limited is providing an effective automated and non-human operated solution that will address your company’s Fever Kit concerns to protect your staff & clients from COVID-19 infection, during and after sans.

Introducing the non-contact/touch Fever Kit that is currently being used by NASA to detect the surface temperature of the forehead, from 5 inches (distance), while using the best IR Radiometer invented.

How does it work?

This effective Fever Kit is a no-touch, portable device designed to screen people for fever. An individual simply places their forehead five inches from the sensor and using infrared technology, the microcontroller takes three separate temperature measurements and compares them to acceptable temperatures ranges.

After the swift scan, a LED will turn red to indicate a fever or green to indicate no fever. Therefore, this will indicate who has to take up more measures while entering the Banking, Manufacturing, Work or Mall premises.

Screen 500 Employees / Clients for fever in under 30 minutes The Non-Contact Fever Kit

  • High Speed & Accurate: Three scans in under five seconds.
  • No touch, Safe & Self Service: No human contact during scans
  • Easy to Operate and fast results: Red indicates fever, green no fever.
  • 12-hour Battery on a Single Charge
  • Durable and Trustworthy: Used in the International Space Station

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