Posted on 06 July, 2022

Celebrating our 35TH anniversary!

Celebrating our 35TH anniversary!

Dear Computech Family,

This month marks our 35th Anniversary!

A time to reflect on our triumphs…

We have survived through constant and continuous transformations for many years, especially in adapting to the most unpredictable situations in the markets we operate with. Innumerable things have changed since our inception in 1987. However, the one thing that has not changed is our core purpose of combining talents and technology with professional partnerships to create an inspired and trusted organization.

Keeping our vision “To be Africa’s most respected and trusted provider of technology for business” and mission “To enable high-performance organizations, allowing businesses to work and communicate better, faster and more profitably”; we have established a culture that cultivates employee ownership and emphasizes our fundamental values including honesty, integrity, commitment and responsiveness to our clients, high ethics, and real-world solutions. These values permeate all our actions and success stories. We temper our successes with the belief that we can do better.

We are a pioneering and leading company with a team of 150 professionals backed up by senior engineers with over 35 years of experience. As we continue to grow and develop our reach within Africa, we are proud to have our presence in 5 countries. Our company started with the Kenya branch, our main headquarters, and with time we spread our wings to other regions.

Looking back, we have built the company through deep and lasting customer relationships with the type of confidence that can only come over time. The philosophy of having the clients at the heart of everything we do has become an essential principle within our company. Based on this, we must continue to transform amid global challenges.

Even though there are moments we experience a few hardships, we do not take your collaborative efforts for granted. We believe that success is a journey, and we take cognizance of the loyalty and determination of all our staff members in propelling the company towards excellence. We would also emphasize that you work SMART; by incorporating the wisdom and attaining qualifications as these are the basic requirements to realize further achievements.

My message would be lacking without a look forward to the future. Developing new ways to work safer and more efficiently and looking for solutions out of the box for Computech to become a more agile organization. We are excited about the opportunities ahead to extend our track record of value creation and innovation.

We are most grateful to each of you for setting an excellent example of dedication, professionalism, and accountability.

Cheers to another 35 years of excellence….

Best regards,

Hassan & Dipak.