Posted on 13 October, 2020

All we can Say Is Thank You ! We appreciate you for always putting the Customer First.

Figure 1: Staff Appreciation Breakfast at Computech HQ Branch in Westlands

Always expect a surprise while working at Computech Limited. At least that is what our staff got during the Customer Service Week. An early morning full course and scrumptious breakfast to appreciate them for their industrious culture and putting their foot forward to always serve the customer in a timely, hospitable and effective manner. Kudos to the computech Family for always putting the Customer First!

Staff Message by our GCCO

Figure 2: Staff Appreciation message by our GCCO: Dipak Galaiya

Computech Staff Appreciation Breakfast.

A brief recap of last week’s Customer Service Week breakfast to appreciate the Computech Family for all the hard work they have put in through these sensitive quarters and for always putting the Customer first.

Breakfast in Westlands (Computech HQ Branch)