Posted on 09 March, 2022

Benefits of doing a Preventive Maintenance Every Quarter.

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Why should you schedule a PM each quarter? Personal Health and Hygiene Benefits. The first advantage is a bit obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Bacteria, mold, and dust cause everything from allergies to asthma. Regular cleaning of computer will significantly lower the potential for sickness, and create a healthier environment overall.

Reduces overall PC Overheating.

Cooling fans play a primary role in reducing heat in your PC. If dust and debris block the fan from rotating internal hardware won’t get cool air and the hot air can’t escape. Due to this, overheating may occur and damage a considerable section of the hardware. To reduce overheating the fans may tend to rotate faster than normal. Because of this, a substantial amount of energy will be lost. This will tremendously reduce the quality of your battery life.

Clear visibility of the monitor display

Your computer’s monitor screen will get faded if not cleaned on time. If you are using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen computers you must be even more careful while handling them. A clean monitor screen will not only enhance its life span but will also provide you crystal clear display which is a healthier option for your eyes.

Enhances the life span of the computer

If your computer is filled with dust then your computer’s hardware parts can damage quickly and you will have to replace the components more often. If not, you’ll resort to buying a new PC. By regularly cleaning the computers; companies and individuals can save a huge amount and allocate the savings into new IT resources.

More Opportunities to Be Hospitable

We’ve all encountered a situation like this during our time at work. Let’s say: ‘I have a colleague stop by my desk and my computer is dirty and dusty, I’m more likely to over-explain why my computer looks that way. It’s not only super embarrassing, I might also encounter constant anxiety wondering what they think about my computer and how it reflects on me as a person! Don’t get me wrong, your computer doesn’t have to be spic-and-span to impress. A general pick-up is easy to do each day and makes your computer look so much better.

Less Maintenance and Repairs

By keeping your computer in good condition, you’ll spend less money to repair or replace it. And how do you do that? By cleaning them!

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