About Storage solutions

In today’s world, data must be available 24x7. If a customer’s IT infrastructure is disrupted, it can mean much more than a temporary loss of computing power. Work delays, data degradation, and data loss can quickly translate into lost revenue, lost profits, and lost customers. As more and more applications are deemed “mission critical”, customers are challenged to maintain appropriate levels of access, availability, and security.

What are the advantages of Storage solutions?

  • Minimize loss of revenue due to unexpected downtime and provide a timely and effective recovery
  • Preserve customer loyalty and corporate reputation by proactively averting or mitigating disaster
  • Optimize efficiency and improve productivity of IT staff by automating and simplifying the recovery process Protect mission critical data from service interruptions under all circumstances

Why partner with Computech?

Computech can help customers establish a flexible, always-on infrastructure that meets the growing demands of Internet-enabled business and provides reliable protection against unexpected disruptions and disasters. Some of the key features we implement on client sites include but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive storage infrastructure that can scale up or scale out according to customer requirements, managing unpredictable storage demands of today’s businesses
  • Highly available enterprise disk array products with no single-point-of-failure, complemented by market-leading software products that deliver the highest possible levels of reliability
  • Unparalleled consulting and business recovery services to help ensure protection of Customers’ vital information/assets
  • An array of experienced support professionals delivering a wide range of services with a single point of contact
  • Alliances with best-in-class solution providers that synthesize core competencies for success in multi-platform environments