Posted on 14 October, 2020

Protect your workforce with simple, powerful access security.

Figure 1: Cisco Security Solutions that work as fast as you do

Security is becoming more and more complex. That is why we need to adapt to modern cyber security trends to keep our businesses up to date with upcoming security threats.

80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords. Make sure your users are who they say they are. Verify your users with multi-factor authentication from Cisco Duo.

Figure 2: A Cisco Security Solution to safeguard your passwords

Keeping your employees safe and your business protected, is at the heart of what we do. Computech Limited can help keep your security simple, because reducing complexity can make all the difference.

Cisco Duo does that really well. A security platform that takes you from overwhelmed to empowered in simple, user-friendly and secure way.

We know that things happen quickly in your world. Here’s a quick look at Cisco Duo’s security solution that works as fast as you in this modern age of Cyber Security.

Multi-Factor Authentication from Cisco Duo

Figure 3: Cisco Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

There’s no easier way to use multi-factor authentication. Designed for the modern workforce and backed by a zero-trust philosophy, Duo is Cisco’s user-friendly, scalable access security platform that keeps your business ahead of ever-changing security threats.

Figure 4: Verify User Identity in seconds with Cisco Duo

Modern, Effective Multi-Factor Authentication

Figure 5: Modern & Effective Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication from Cisco Duo protects your applications by using a second source of validation, like a phone or token, to verify user identity before granting access. Cisco Duo is engineered to provide a simple, streamlined login experience for every user and application, and as a cloud-based solution, it integrates easily with your existing technology.

Figure 6: Cisco Duo: Simple, streamlined login experience for every user and application as a cloud-based solution.

User-Friendly, Super-Secure Authentication

Figure 7: Cisco Duo: User-Friendly, Super-Secure Authentication

Adding multi-factor authentication to your security stack doesn’t have to be disruptive to your users. Cisco Duo is fast and easy for users to set up, and with several available authentication methods, they can choose the one that best fits their workflow. No headaches, no interruptions — it just works.

Remarkably Scalable MFA Technology

Figure 8: Cisco Duo’s remarkable & scalable Multi-factor Authentication Technology

Because Duo functions like a gateway for your existing and future IT infrastructure, it’s the perfect solution for growing businesses of any size. Set up new users and support new devices at any time, and protect new applications almost instantly — without impacting legacy technology.

Lightning-Fast MFA Deployment

Figure 9: Cisco Duo’s Lighting Fast MFA Deployment

Finally — a multi-factor authentication solution that isn’t a pain in the neck to roll out. Cisco Duo can be added to any existing environment or platform, and its self-enrollment feature makes it easy for users to get set up.

Unmatched Coverage

Figure 10: Cisco Duo Native Integration into any Secure Application or Platform

Cisco Duo natively integrates to secure any application or platform, so whether you’re adding 2FA to meet compliance goals or building a full zero trust framework, Duo is the perfect addition to your security portfolio.

Don’t Take our word for it, take a look at Cisco Duo’s user-experience reviews from notable worldwide Brands.

Figure 11: The Second-largest ridesharing Company in the US after Uber.

Figure 12: A fortune 500 Company & The fifth Largest Automotive Retailer in the US.

Get Started with Cisco Duo’s Secure Access Solution

Figure 13: Cisco Duo: Security Should limit threats, not your business.

You don’t have to be an expert in security to protect your business. You just need a partner who puts you first.

As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, Computech Limited has the right expertise to secure your business, end-to-end. Let’s start the conversation by scheduling a 30-minute call with our Cisco Cyber Security Experts to run you through a Cisco Duo free-demo & trial to give you a comprehensive look into the world of Modern and effective Multi-Factor Authentication.

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